Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fairmist Advance Reader Reviews #2 and #3

The reviews are coming faster now. I can't keep up! So I'm going to start posting them two at a time.

8 days until the launch. I'm getting excited now!

Review #2
Fairmist is raw, sensual, and fast-paced—it kept my attention the entire time. In Fahnestock’s mystical world of floating mountains, sideways houses, and suspended raindrops, conflicting loyalties force hard decisions, and characters must question things they have always believed. Fairmist is a reminder that asking “why” may not always lead down the easiest path, but those who are unafraid to ask the questions are often the leaders among us. It’s also an examination of fear: are the things we are most afraid of truly the most threatening? Fahnestock shines the light on the fact that good vs. evil is not always crystal clear, and that sometimes, we are our own worst enemies.
-Elizabeth Moser

Review #3
Reading #Fairmist is like going on a fast-paced adventure to magical places with good friends. The story is at turns exciting, poignant, heartrending, breathtaking, funny, and above all fun. I loved sharing difficult decisions with the badass, sexy, smart Adora, rubbing elbows with Blevins at The Floating Stone, dancing with Ree, and growing wise with my impetuous hero, Grei. The quick dialogue, the powerful villains, and the complex plot kept me turning the pages, but it was my relationships with these characters that made this book difficult to put down and impossible to forget.
-Chris Mandeville

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