Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fairmist Reviews #8, #9, #10 and #11

Three days and counting, and the reviews keep rolling in. I'm so excited to share with everyone what readers are getting out of this magical story. What thrills me the most about writing is the hopes that someone else may experience the book in the same way I do. And it's happening.

Review #8
The best of Todd Fahnestock's writing shines through in the tightly-written, richly-woven, compelling world of #Fairmist! Fahnestock’s strength lies in creating characters who will make your heart sing in a land you would yearn into existence, and Fairmist is no different. In a few short pages, you will fall in love with a beautifully strong character in an impossible house, only to have your heart deeply wrenched at the injustice of fate.  He will create a scene so simple, so pivotal, that – even if its significance slips through your fingers – the whisper of it will be heard in the heartbreak and devotion of two people in need.  The novel is riddled with heroes whose battle cries, death keens, and spirited vows ring in your ears long after the book has ended, making you damn happy it’s only the first in a trilogy.  Enjoy Fairmist. Revel in it!
-Sarah McFarland

Review #9
You won't have to find time to read Fairmist, you will make time to read it. From the first Grei chapter to the last Adora one, you are sucked into a world that you never want to leave.  This is unlike any other fantasy novel - with its twists and turns, captivating characters and mind-bending creativity , it is a must read!!
-Dena Morrissey

Review #10
In Fairmist, Todd Fahnestock has created a world and a mythology of massive and ambitious scale. The world around you comes to life in lush imagery and vivid detail even as be describes a land filled with ancient magic, epic struggle, passion, prophecy, political conflict, and courtly intrigue as complex as any you will find. He somehow manages to do it without bogging down the story, which jogs along at a relentless pace that will have you up reading well past your bedtime. As remarkable as this is, even more striking to me is his ability to bring to life characters that evoke empathy. His heroes are sidetracked by the petty emotions and urges that make us human. They rebel against the injustice of their destiny even as they are compelled by it to fight the evil in their world. They don’t always do the right thing, even on the occasions when they know what the right thing is. They are flawed and weak and therefore human. Even his villains are conflicted and noble in their own way, and you will struggle with your sympathy for them. This is no cut-and-dried morality play between good and evil. The twists and turns and timely revelations will have you wondering who the good guys really are. Some fantasy authors are good at creating worlds. Some are good at creating characters. To find one who is a master at both is rare indeed. Don’t miss this one!
-Chris Lamson

Review #11
Be among the first to discover Todd Fahnestock, one of the best new authors you will find today in any genre. #Fairmist is a wildly entertaining story of an epic battle of good and evil, with many brilliant twists and turns. In Fairmist, you will be immediately drawn into this magical world and become enthralled with some of the strongest and most endearing set of characters you will meet in any book. Readers of all types will be drawn to this powerful story. Fahnestock’s ability to create unique and unforgettable characters is a true gift. Enjoy this wonderful and entertaining ride but be sure to budget some time because once you start, you will not be able to put Fairmist down.
-Jim Swayze

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