Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Shotgun Approach

I have nothing to write today. So, in the theme of writing something even when I have nothing, I submit this very short and defiant blog.

This is an important premise, this "making something out of nothing at all" (and now I have a 70s song stuck in my head), and today I shall illustrate. I will call this my "shotgun approach", and by shotgun approach I do not mean "if I shoot I might hit something", I mean I will "aim and blow away the Revisionist when he has no business hanging about". The Revisionist needs to know his place. He should not whisper in my ear when I'm thinking about putting fingers to keyboard, when I'm vulnerable, thinking "what if the stuff I write sucks?" He needs to jump in a lake until I've typed 100,000 words.

When one has time to write, one must sit down and write, and train oneself to create at any given moment. Saying "I just don't have time to write", or "my life is too busy to really write" or even "I'm just too tired to be inspired" cannot be accepted.

K. Done.

Did anyone see? Did I hit him?

1 comment:

Aaron Brown said...

More importantly, did you go on to write something post-shotgunning?

As for The Revisionist--I think you should change his name to the Reviser. Then, once you've done that, change it to Mr. Revise. Then: The Revisonator. Then...