Saturday, November 8, 2008

First blog!

Okay, here's my first blog. As it will always likely be, I've only got about five minutes to blog something.

Current news: Peter and I are trying to set up my blog site so that I can regale any and all comers with updates primarily about my writing, but also about life in general. One tends to leak into the other, I've noticed.

This is my new (and only, so far) attempt at self-promotion. I hear that one needs to do that if one is to be successful as a writer these days.

So check out all of the book pictures along the left-hand side here. Queen of Oblivion, co-written with Giles Carwyn, is coming out at the end of this month, so keep an eye out for it. There will be book signings in Denver and Colorado Springs, so stay tuned for that, too. I'll be posting the dates and locations soon.

All right. Time to go work on the grounds at Elowyn's school.

Until next time.



Tiana said...

Just remember that as you tire from the sprint that we as your supporters will try to provide you with the necessary energy to keep you going. Pride and Aww comes from Oregon. Keep us posted on all journey to greatness.

Todd said...

Thanks, T. It means a lot to me that you're reading the blog. Makes me happy.

You rule!